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Rooftop Tents And Gear Inspired
By The Canadian Explorer

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We plant 100 trees for every tent we sell.


trees planted up to date

We want to make sure the next generation has the same opportunity to get out there and explore!

We at SMRT Tent make an effort to give back to the beautiful outdoors we get to call home. You can feel good about your purchase knowing you gave back to the environment.

Plant Trees


Lost Coordinate

As an adventure traveler and photographer I am constantly moving around and relocating my camp. By utilizing my SMRT Tent rooftop tent I am able to move quickly and safely from location to location so I always get that amazing shot or find my next home for the night while I wait for the light to be perfect.

Adventure Photographer
Micheal Dietrich

I ski, I hike, I bike, and I run. Exploring Canada and all this country has to offer. My SMRT Tent Summit Suite keeps me safe and warm in any weather condition and packs up in minutes making it easy for me to chase the next snow fall or plan my basecamp for my next hike.

Canadian Explorer
Raj Sandhu

My photography career takes me all over Western Canada. I love using technology and tools that help me pack light and pack fast. My SMRT Tent Sky Loft allows me to set up and be on the move in minutes and has all the comforts of home. I wake fresh and ready to work thanks to the built-in memory foam.

Photographer / Videographer
Rich Manley

As an adventurer who has traveled the world in some rather uncomfortable scenarios, I am always striving to find the perfect balance between comfort, versatility, and practicality regarding sleeping and shelter. SMRT Tent is the perfect tent for my roof camping objectives, where my base camp is set up close to my vehicle, or in this case, on top of it! It's the perfect addition to my offroading Jeep setup. Super easy to use, well designed, sturdy, and extremely comfortable. The tent also stays remarkably insulated, and kept me protected during my winter ski camping in Colorado. I enjoy it so much that one night I almost slept in my driveway over my own bed! True story.

Adventure TV Show Host