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For every tent we sell, Eden Reforestation Projects will plant 100 trees. Help us support this amazing initiative that’s working to restore forests around the world. @EdenReforestationProjects


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We are SMRT Tent, which is an acronym for Small Mobile Rooftop Tent. The joke around the shop is that when something goes awry, we have endless laughs and we get to say “I’m not smart today, I’m SMRT!” Being involved with a company that really likes to have fun is what we are all about. A modest and down to earth company providing the best sleep outdoors to fuel your adventures is what we bring to you.

SMRT Tent is a company developed to meet the needs of adventurers who need a durable mobile sleeping platform that can easily be packed up and ready for the next days adventure. A passion for the outdoors and conservation of forests worldwide is why we have partnered with Eden reforestation projects to plant 100 trees for every tent sold! When paired with our #campSMRTcleanup events, where we bring people together to clean up locations that need it most, and you have a company that really cares about the environment, and is proud to be making a difference.

Cody Marshall is our team leader here and he really likes to keep a positive vibe in the shop and out on the road. Work is still work but when you are surrounded by people who provide fun for a living it makes the days fly by. Fun is our fuel and adventure is what our souls crave and Cody is a great example of that. The brand ambassadors we have also embody the excitement the outdoor lifestyle brings, so be sure to keep an eye out for all our adventurers on our social media platforms and keep up to date with all the great times!

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