Our philosophy: Get Out More.

Just like you, we do this because we have a passion for getting out there and discovering new places, as well as enjoying the amazing playground nature has given all of us. We fell in love with the rooftop tenting lifestyle after experiencing it firsthand and seeing not only how easy and seamless it was, but how much fun we had on our trips. Climbing up into your bed gives you a childlike feeling of excitement. Rooftop tents are more than a comfy place to sleep; they are a place to experience new adventures, create relationships, and make cherishable memories. No matter where you go, you know you have your home away from home with you.

The SMRT tent family is inclusive to everybody from all walks and paths, no matter what direction you came from, or where you’re going. We believe strongly in preserving the environment so that generations to come have the same privilege as all of us to explore, which is why we plant 100 trees for every tent we sell, and make an effort to educate on responsible outdoor use.

We are lucky to have an awesome team. At our Headquarters in Edmonton you can find Cody (Company Leader) and Liv (Marketing and Sales Director), as well as the warehouse team. Come stop by our store anytime for a coffee! We have distribution centres in Canada, The USA and New Zealand, more of a community than we’ve ever had online, and tons of amazing customers who often become friends. We work hard but we keep things fun, and never forget our adventurous roots. Even on the hardest of days, you remember that there is probably a kid out there getting tucked in to his rooftop tent after a campfire, and it reignites the why. In the end, we hope that we encourage and welcome everyone to Get Out More!

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Company Leader cody@smrttent.com


Marketing + Sales Director liv@smrttent.com