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For every tent we sell, Eden Reforestation Projects will plant 100 trees. Help us support this amazing initiative that’s working to restore forests around the world. @EdenReforestationProjects


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Renting a Rooftop Tent is something new that we now provide to you. We want you to be able to try out tents and get a feel for them and experience what we think is the best sleep you can get in the wild. Whether you want to try before you buy or just want to head out once to switch things up, we want to provide you with a tent to Get Out More!

Our rental service is based from Edmonton Alberta. We are looking for more locations to help you Camp SMRT. 

Deposit $800
5 days $300
10 days $525
15 days $725

Rental Request

Please fill out the information below. Once we have a better idea of what vehicle you have and how long you'd like to rent for, we'll arrange a pickup of installation location within the Edmonton area.

We'll need some information about your vehicle.

Do you have load bars on top of your vehicle? if so please attach a photo.

How many days do you need the tent for?

How many people will be sleeping in it?


You can apply your deposit towards purchasing a SMRT tent!
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