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13 Fantastic Gifts for any Outdoor Enthusiast

Or Maybe even a gift for yourself!

Are you shopping for the outdoorsy type? It can be so hard to find the right gift for the outdoor enthusiast who already seems to have it all! 

Don’t stress, we’re here to help with a list of ideas that are tried and true camping accessories we love. To boot, they are probably items that your outdoorsy giftee won’t already have! 



Heroclips are a hooked carabiner that swivels and folds, this handy little carabiner allows you to hang almost anything, almost anywhere. Coming in various sizes and weight capacities, it folds up for compact storage or use as a carabiner, and the 360 degree swiveling hook gives you easy access to your gear, no matter how it's hung. It’s designed with a rubber tip on the hook as well, which adds grip and versatility to where you can hang things from! This clip is small but mighty, from hanging wet boots or clothes to dry, setting up a bear hang or hanging up a light at our campsite, we continue to find new ways to use Heroclips on our adventures.

Herclips holding up a dry bag on a rock 

Peak Refuel Dehydrated Meals

“Dehydrated meals” isn't usually a phrase to make anyone's mouth water, but Peak Refuel meals has packed flavour and nutrition into a lightweight package. We love that these meals are made with real ingredients, non GMO, 100% real meat, and all of the meals are high protein, even the vegan and vegetarian options. They require less water to rehydrate than your average dehydrated meal, which is great news for backpackers. These meals are ideal for camping, hiking and backpacking. They are a great addition to anyone’s go bag!


Peak Refuel Dehydrated Meals


Heartprint Threads Blankets

Heartprint Threads is a wonderful company that values community givebacks and offers quality blankets with beautiful colors and patterns. These blankets are all artisan created with 100% recycled wool. We love that with every blanket sold, one is donated to someone in need. Though these blankets would be a great gift for just about anyone, the durability and naturally moisture resistant fabric makes these excellent camping and outdoor blankets, and we always have at least one with us when camping.

Heartprint Threads Blankets


Roasti Instant Coffee Packets

There is nothing quite like quality and convenience coming together, and this instant coffee is nothing short of that! This instant coffee is made through a freeze drying process that leaves you with a small pouch of fine powdered coffee, that turns into a large, smooth and delicious cup of coffee! The small packaging and quality cup of coffee it provides makes this a must pack on our camping trips.


 Roasti Instant Coffee Packets



Designed and built in Canada, VSSL offers a variety of kits with essential camping gear in a small and lightweight package! Inspired by the founder’s childhood experiences exploring Canada, VSSL has nailed the outdoor essentials, and we love how they’ve packaged them. They offer camp suppliesfirst aid kits, fire starter kits and even a coffee grinder, each packed into a small and durable single unit! These are fantastic for backpacking and backwoods adventures, where less is more and functionality is important.

VSSL first aid kit

Aeropress Go 

This on the go coffee brewer will give you a smooth cup of coffee or espresso in about one minute! It will even do cold brew in about two. The aeropress go comes with a carrying case that doubles as a drinking mug, and all the pieces fit neatly into one small package. We love this for its simplicity, ease of use and the quality cup of coffee it makes. This is great for outdoor adventures, travel or even just to take to work! *Pro gift tip - pair the Aeropress Go with a VSSL Java coffee grinder and a nice bag of coffee beans and you’ve got a fantastic gift to add to any coffee lover’s outdoor gear!*

aeropress go being used while camping


Biodegradable Soap

There are many brands of biodegradable soaps, they’re small and inexpensive, making them fantastic stocking stuffers! It is important to use biodegradable soap when exploring nature's playground, as it’s natural ingredients won’t harm plant and animal life. Just don’t forget to use it away from lakes and rivers, I mean imagine if someone dumped soap in the glass of water you were about to drink! We like Dr. Bronner’s Pure Castile for the multiple scents they offer, and its power on a greasy pan, yet feeling gentle on hands! Another favourite of ours is Campsuds, we like this one for the more serious adventures as it is more concentrated and will last longer. Campsuds is a powerful soap and you only need a drop or two.

campsuds biodegradable soap

Haupy’s Beaver Rub

This brand of spice blends is Canadian made, and oh so tasty! They’ve become a staple in our camping kitchen, they’ll enrich almost any dish, meat or not! There are four varieties of flavoring and they are made low sodium, non GMO, vegetarian (until you rub them on meat!) and packed full of flavor. The humorous packaging will give a grin, and once you try it, the product will speak for itself. Outdoorsy or not, this will be a hit!

    Haupy’s Beaver Rub spices


    That’s right, a spork. Our favourite is the Light My Fire Spork BIO. It’s made from biobased plastics, it also happens to be microwave and dishwasher safe! This is a fantastic reusable utensil that can be put in a lunch box, backpack or camping bin. It doubles as a spoon and fork with a serrated edge. We love it for its sustainability and convenience. It’s great for camping and backpacking or even just lunch! We recommend the biggest one for camping, as you can use it as a cooking utensil as well. They even have a spork for lefties. 

      Light My Fire Spork BIO 


        The life straw is a lightweight and durable personal water filter. When you’re exploring the outdoors, you never know when you could find yourself in an emergency situation, and having the LifeStraw with you could very well keep you going until you can find help! This is a straw that filters pathogens without chemicals, and it can be life saving. It filters up to 4000 liters from 99.99% of bacteria, parasites, microplastics and dirt before requiring a new filter. To boot, it has an unlimited shelf life, making it a great gift for the holiday season. This is a valuable accessory for anyone to have as part of your camping or adventuring gear. 

          lifestraw being used in a river

          MEC Scully 30 Dry Duffle 

          This bag is a durable and waterproof duffle that doubles as a backpack, it’s waterproof enough to travel on a roof rack or in the bed of your truck. It’ll keep your things dry regardless of the weather. We love it for its durability and waterproofing - no matter how much we beat them up, they keep performing and keep looking nice! This is a fantastic adventure bag, it would make a great gift for anyone who likes to get outside regardless of weather.

            MEC Scully 30 Dry Duffle

            WaterPORT GoSpout

            WaterPORT offers awesome water carrying systems that are self pressurizing! The GoSpout is the smallest of the line, and it’s handheld and easy to take with you just about anywhere. It’s great for day trips or heading somewhere without access to water, and their larger containers are great for overlanding adventures and longer camping trips! WaterPORT makes cleaning up dishes, washing hands, and even showering easy to do on all your adventures.  

              WaterPORT GoSpout attached to SMRT tent


              For outdoor adventures having a quality Multi-tool is a game changer. Reduce the packing and be ready to make repairs and stay safe. Our favorite is the LEATHERMAN Signal, this one is specifically designed for the outdoors and includes a firestarter, an emergency whistle and one handed blade. We are sure to have ours with us on all of our camping trips. It packs 19 tools into a lightweight handheld tool, and with access to tools even while it’s closed, it mimics the use of a pocket knife. 

                leatherman multitool open with tools being shown off

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